Great gym session, new exercises!


Great gym session, new exercises!

Posted by Kevin Doak on Friday at: 1:21pm (August 15th, 2014)

It's been an exciting week for my training.  Attending world championships was suprisingly motivating.  It clarified to me that I'm not content swimming average times (for me).  I'm consider myself goal oriented and I need to bring my training in line with the rest of my life.

My evening involved some new weight exercises.  While coaching the other day, I recommended "interval training" to a friend.  I took my own advice and developed some interval training of my own. 

After being motivated by the Triathalon I spectated, I chose to bike instead of doing the eliptical.  It's a choice I'll continue to make.  I got a much higher intensity workout from the bike!

I ended my evening with a 15 minute ab workout from P90X.  It was a heck of a workout day!