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Day 2

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 11:39pm (January 2nd, 2018)
Practice Information
Dist: 1,800 SCM - (Short Course 25 Meters)

Tracking Progress

Posted by Kevin Doak on Monday at: 11:38pm (January 1st, 2018)


Tracking a new/old workout regiment


2017 State Meet Results

Posted by Kevin Doak on Saturday at: 2:27am (April 29th, 2017)

Short on updates lately, some mediocre meets recently which reflect my training.  My masters state meet went well considering the amount of time in the water.  Overall, it was a solid meet.

100 Free SCY - 46.95 (My best swim of the weekend)
50 Fly SCY - 22.54
50 Back SCY - 23.43
100 Fly SCY - 51.13
100 Back SCY - 51.43
100 IM SCY - 53.65
50 Free SCY - 21.58

Practice Information
Dist: 3,200 SCM - (Short Course 25 Meters)

South Lyon East Masters Meet Results

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 10:30am (November 15th, 2016)

A great meet and fantastic food afterward!

50 Fly SCY - 22.80
50 Back SCY - 23.84
50 Free SCY - 22.12
100 Back SCY - 52.84


Saginaw Masters Meet Results

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 2:16am (November 1st, 2016)

Saginaw knows how to put on a great meet.  The facility is new-ish, the pool is solid, the locker rooms are updated, and the staff/volunteers are great.  The meet was not well attended for some reason.  Low attendance meets are both a gift and a curse.  Pro's are obviously that the meet is over in 90 minutes and there is plenty of deck space.  The flip side is that you're racing without as much rest as you might like.  I always tell myself I'm only going to do a few races.  I always end up with 4-6 per meet.  This time I capped it at 4 and it was a good schedule.  My times weren't entirely embarassing but they left me feeling like I have plenty of work to do this year.  I want to be knocking on the door of my lifetime best times.  I've got a long way to go.

50 Backstroke SCM - 26.48
50 Butterfly SCM - 26.01
50 Freestyle SCM - 24.51
100 Backstroke SCM - 59.98

And for reference:

50 Backstroke SCM - 24.92
50 Butterfly SCM - 25.05
50 Freestyle SCM - 23.30
100 Backstroke SCM - 55.17


2016 USMS Long Course Nationals Results

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 2:27am (August 23rd, 2016)

Overall it was a successful meet.  I had some solid times based on my recent training:

50 Back LCM - 27.74
100 Fly LCM - 58.77 (26.72/32.05)
50 Free LCM - 24.94
100 Back LCM - 1:01.10 (29.19/31.91)
50 Fly LCM - 26.05

Due to poor planning and inaccurate estimated timelines, I swam the 100 Back and 50 Fly cold turkey (no warmup). 



One of my favorite posts

Posted by Kevin Doak on Friday at: 8:58am (May 6th, 2016)

The day I got my 100 Fly Olympic Trials Cut:


Lots of updates coming!

Posted by Kevin Doak on Friday at: 1:26am (May 6th, 2016)

I have a handful of blog posts half written.  The short update is that I've flown to the other side of the planet for a vacation, returned home, and had one of the best swim meets of my recent life in Greensboro, NC.  Here is the brief version:

100 Freestyle SCY - 47.27
50 Backstroke SCY - 23.36
50 Backstroke SCY - 23.89
100 Backstroke SCY - 50.62
50 Freestyle SCY - 21.50
100 Butterfly SCY - 50.40
50 Butterfly SCY - 22.53
50 Backstroke SCY - 23.23

Feeling great and dropping time!  More updates soon

Session Weight Information
Pre-Practice Weight: 179.6 lbs

First animal kick set in a long time

Posted by Kevin Doak on Friday at: 9:38pm (March 18th, 2016)

I swam an animal kick (10x100's on the 1:30) tonight


Decent average for my fitness level at 1:15.5.

My best ever was set on October 6th, 2011 at a 1:08.3 while I was training with CW.  I've got a ways to go, but I'm still better than I was in college!

Session Weight Information
Pre-Practice Weight: 184.4 lbs
Post-Practice Weight: 183.5 lbs

Weight on a downward trend

Posted by Kevin Doak on Thursday at: 6:05pm (March 17th, 2016)

Just hit 182lbs. I have a long way to go but I'm feeling better in the water.

Session Weight Information
Pre-Practice Weight: 183.1 lbs
Post-Practice Weight: 182.6 lbs

4 x 50's Dive MAX @ 3:00

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 12:18am (March 15th, 2016)

I had a chance to swim at the same time as the Eastern Michigan University's team.  The final set of the day was 6 x 50's Dive MAX @ 3:00.  I decided to join in for 4 of the max 50's.  Overall, it went pretty well:

50 Yard Fly SCY

The 3:00 interval was tough, it took me right back to college/CW days.  I need to be doing more of sets like this.

Session Weight Information
Pre-Practice Weight: 185.5 lbs
Post-Practice Weight: 185.0 lbs

South Lyon East - A new pool record in the 100 Back SCY

Posted by Kevin Doak on Monday at: 1:08pm (March 7th, 2016)

It's been quite a while since any facilities would let me break a pool record:

Milan - Didn't want to take down one of their own high school swimmers records

Brighton - Doesn't recognize masters swimmers as actual competition worthy of setting records

South Lyon East - Has a flawless pool record policy.  If a swimmer in a sanctioned meet achieves a time faster than the pool record, it is recognized

I started off my meet with a sloppy 50y Fly in a 23.07.  I had a short wall and a bad finish.  I moved onto a 100 Fly while I was still tired.  I finished in 52.41, about a second slower than my performance a month ago in Brighton of 51.49.  With two sub-par swims, I decided to skip the 50 Free to rest up for the 100 Back.  I had my eye on the backstroke pool record of 52.54.  With a 53.00 two weeks ago in Saginaw, I thought a 0.5 second drop would be possible with enough rest.  I got a bit of flack for scratching an event as short as a 50 yard race.  I totally accept that move as kinda wimpy.  I sat around for about 45 minutes basking in my wimpiness while I prepared for my 100 Backstroke.  When it was time to race, I was ready to tear down that 53 second barrier.  For my current ability level, I swam a flawless race, I took out the race in a 25.5 and touched the wall in a 52.52, breaking the pool record by 0.02 seconds.  In no way do I consider a 52 second 100 backstroke to be an amazing achievement for me.  It's among the slowest times of my recent life but still represents a downward (faster) trend in my recent career.  I'm proud that a dropped a half second in 2 weeks.  Let's ignore that I added a second to my butterfly time.

50 Fly SCY - 23.07
100 Fly SCY - 52.41
100 Back SCY - 52.52 (Pool Record) 

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