October 2015

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5-days this week

Posted by Kevin Doak on Saturday at: 3:47pm (October 31st, 2015)

My workouts have gradually been improving in quality and quantity, I'm feeling excited to see what my extra work yields in my next meet.  I had been looking forward to a SCM meet in Mason this weekend.  Historically they run a great meet in a nice facility with good food provided afterwards.  The meet was unexpectedly cancelled so I'm looking for a replacement.

Session Weight Information
Post-Practice Weight: 185.6 lbs
Practice Information
Dist: 2,500 SCM - (Short Course 25 Meters)

New Running Shoes

Posted by Kevin Doak on Saturday at: 4:10pm (October 24th, 2015)
New Running Shoes

After being ridiculed by everybody I know for wearing what they call "geriatric step class" shoes, I've upgraded to actual running shoes.  I took my first run with them the other night and I have mixed results.  My feet hurt more in these than my geriatric shoes.  Perhaps I need to break them in, but for now, I'm not hopeful these are a good fit for me.  I finished 3.1 miles before walking due to foot pain.

I would never deny I may still have horrible form.


2015 Milan Masters Meet

Posted by Kevin Doak on Monday at: 10:44am (October 12th, 2015)

On short notice I decided to swim at the 2015 Milan Masters Meet on Sunday.  Milan has historically run a great meet.  For some reason, it typically has very low attendance.  I'm guessing it's just because it's the first meet of the fall short course season.  I would encourage anybody to attend this meet.  It's a great pool and a well run meet with complimentary food after the competition!

I was a bit tired before the meet but this was my first chance to race now that I've resolved my pulled back muscle.  I was interested to see how it felt to swim healthy again.  I signed up for butterfly rather than backstroke.  I just feel stronger in butterfly lately.  I hate thinking I'm not a backstroker anymore but that might be the reality.  I'm simply better at butterfly.

100 Individual Medley SCY - 54.24
50 Butterfly SCY - 23.89
50 Free SCY - 22.29
100 Butterfly SCY - 52.68 (Pool Record)
100 Free SCY - 51.26

I happened to look at the record board before my 100 Butterfly and saw "54.35" as the pool record.  I wasn't certain, but I thought I could probably swim faster than that.  I asked the Milan head coach if he would honor a pool record.  He wavered and but replied that he probably wouldn't since it was held by a Milan swimmer.  Although I respect his position and it doesn't especially matter to me, I'm confused as to why some pool records are honored and others aren't.  I'm fine with having a "high school pool record" but if that's the case, it should be renamed to indicate that is what the times represent.  I feel as though "pool records" are the fastest time a swimmer has touched the wall in a sanctioned and recognized meet at that facility.  I'm open to a new definition if I'm wrong about that.  Brighton has pulled that move on me for years. Having grown up there, I've competed there many times and have broken multiple pool records, including my own from my high school days, yet the coach (who I get along with well) has repeatedly told me that the record board is for "high school only".

It's fine, I just don't get it.

Back to the Milan Meet.  They ran a great meet and served up some great food.  Special thanks to the Milan Girls Varsity Swim Team for volunteering for the meet.  Well done Milan, see you next year!


Training is increasing again

Posted by Kevin Doak on Saturday at: 12:40pm (October 3rd, 2015)

I've been in the water 4 days a week lately.  I need to hit 6 days a week to make progress.  I swim 2500-3000 SCM a day in a warm community pool.  It's certainly not ideal but consistency is the key.

Practice Information
Dist: 3,000 SCM - (Short Course 25 Meters)
Training Quote
"I've never seen anybody swim that fast" - fellow community swimmer