Well, that was interesting


Well, that was interesting

Posted by Kevin Doak on Monday at: 10:19pm (February 24th, 2014)

This is exactly what I needed.  I'm a big fan of "benchmarking".  I like knowing where I stand in my physical fitness.  I did a poor job of scheduling my events, practically swimming 4 back-to-back events in a row, but I got two good swims in.  I started things out with a 22.21 second 50y Freestyle, not a horrible time and that's ok.  The next 3 events had about 5 minutes inbetween each event.  It was more of a general lactate workout than a series of meet performances.  I had a solid 30 minutes of rest before my final 100y Freestyle event.  My 50.10 was probably the slowest time I've had since my high school days.  I really didn't care what I saw up on the clock when I finished, but in hindsight, it is quite slow.

This is the motivation I need to get me in the pool every day.  I'm a realist.  I can look at these times and understand that I'm incredibly slow right now.  To improve, it will require daily workouts.  I'm committed to improving because... wow, those are some slow times (for me).

50 Freestyle SCY :22.21
100 Backstroke SCY :55.80
50 Butterfly SCY :24.47
50 Backstroke SCY :25.80
100 Freestyle SCY :50.10