New experiences swimming in France!


New experiences swimming in France!

Posted by Kevin Doak on Wednesday at: 10:45pm (February 29th, 2012)
New experiences swimming in France! New experiences swimming in France!

Lots to update!  I had a chance to swim in the French Olympic Trial pool in Dunkirk, France (North France).  It was a great facility!  I swam about 1,000 meters (LCM) before lap swim time ended.  Overall I'm feeling good, no noticeable jetlag that everybody was warning me about.  I quickly made my time change adjustments and I think I'll be in good shape for British Nationals this Sunday when I swim the 100m Backstroke in the 2012 Summer Olympic Pool.  I'm very excited for the meet, I'll get to swim with two of my teammates from CW.  I'm happy to be able to be there to support them both.

After swimming at the location of the French Olympic Trials, it struck me that I'm racking up swimming in some of the greatest facilities on the planet!  This fact clearly isn't a mistake, if I have a chance to swim in a high profile meet in a legendary facility, I do whatever I can to make it happen!  The list is growing:

  • Omaha in 2008 (2008 U.S. Trials)
  • Atlanta in 2012 (site of 1996 Olympics)
  • Montreal in 2011 (site of 1976 Olympics)
  • Dunkirk in 2012 (site of 2008 and 2012 French Trials)
  • **SOON** London in 2012 (site of 2012 Olympics)

I'm proud of that list, it embodies some great swims and great memories.  I'm ever aware of my place in swimming and realize how much of an honor it is to swim in these legendary facilities where the greatest swimmers ever have swam.  I'm humbled and excited each time I earn a place in a meet at one of these facilities.  I love swimming.

I'm going to try to get a picture of the Dunkirk pool but honestly I feel weird taking pictures of a pool with random swimmers in it.  I also don't speak French so that would make a situation where security yelling at me that much more awkward.  I'll try to get a French speaking person to take one while I'm swimming.  Problem solved.