Swimming out a long flight in Amsterdam


Swimming out a long flight in Amsterdam

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 8:27am (February 28th, 2012)
Swimming out a long flight in Amsterdam

It was a great flight and I found a long course pool to swim in once I arrived in Amsterdam!  I found an "OmniSport" facility listed online. Since I was short on time before a train to Belgium, I got a cab to the pool.  I knew it would be steep but I underestimated how bad it would be for a 13 minute cab ride.  €40 Euros later ($52.80 U.S.Dollars) I arrived at the pool.  Admission was €3.30 which was entirely worth it considering it was a 50 meter long course pool.  Online I had read the following:

The pool is now reopened and has completely renewed. There are more pools available: a 50m pool, an instruction pool, a diving pool, and a recreation pool. It's a very interesting pool to visit! The pool was quite crowded. I swam in the least crowded lane and never had to share with more than one person. Most lanes were occupied by rec. swimmers doing breastroke. Pace clocks were on both sides, digital, and easily visible. The pool is beautiful, and one of the best you will ever see.


The review was dead accurate.  There was relatively high security for a pool.  Stainless steel body height turnstyles with RFID bracelets.