Two More Lifetime Best Times!


Two More Lifetime Best Times!

Posted by Kevin Doak on Saturday at: 10:53pm (February 18th, 2012)
Two More Lifetime Best Times! Two More Lifetime Best Times!

On very short notice, I decided to drive to east Ohio to compete in a Short Course Meters meet in the new "Spire Institute" aquatics facility.  In short, this is probably the nicest pool I've ever competed in.  More on that topic later.

This is a two day meet with similar events on both days.  Today I had two great swims, and two mediocre swims, entirely due to lack of rest between event.  The meet just moved along quickly.

50 Back SCM - 24.92 (Lifetime best by 0.23 and first time under 25 seconds!)
50 Fly SCM - 25.67 (Tired and sloppy, breathed 3 times, not good)
100 Back SCM - 55.90 (not bad, just tired)
100 Free SCM - 51.61 (Lifetime best by 0.02 seconds.  Actually not a great race, I have more time to drop in this event)

It was a great first day after 3.5 hours driving to the meet.  I was short on sleep and tired from the week of training.  The only preparation I took was to NOT lift on friday afternoon.  We had a difficult kick set Friday morning and the rest of the past week was challenging as well.

Tomorrow I will swim the 50 back again, I am now within striking distance of the World Record of 24.81 with only 0.11 seconds to drop.  I'm darn close and I'm not even rested/tapered/shaved yet!  Feeling great about my training!

Training Quote
"I just started swimming in November and I saw you swim today and I said... so that's how you do it." - Rob