Brighton Short Course Meters (SCM) meet in the morning


Brighton Short Course Meters (SCM) meet in the morning

Posted by Kevin Doak on Saturday at: 11:37pm (February 4th, 2012)

This might be my only chance to swim a SCM meet this year.  I wish I could have rested a little before this meet but I had a difficult training week and chose to lift pretty hard on Friday afternoon.  I opted to take it easy on Saturday morning rather than joining the team in a "race pace" set.  Tomorrow I hope to swim:

100m Back
50m Free
100m Free
50 Back
(Maybe more)

I would love to swim some butterfly but I may not get a chance.  My aim is to take a shot at the 30-34 USMS World Record in the 50m Backstroke.  The record is held by Derya Buyukuncu with a 24.81. Derya is a five-time olympic backstroke and butterfly swimmer from Turkey.  My best time thus far was in 2007 with a 25.15.  I think a high 24 second swim is a bit of a long shot considering how run down I am and the fact that I will not rest, taper or shave for this meet but we'll see!

Looking forward to swimming at good 'ol BHS!