Making Time To Swim, Not to Blog...


Making Time To Swim, Not to Blog...

Posted by Kevin Doak on Wednesday at: 2:45am (June 23rd, 2010)

I've been in the pool with EMU for almost a week. In short, I'm simply desolated. Honestly I haven't even counted the yards, but I'm pretty much swimming all out for 2 hours straight. The coaching staff seems to think a 1:20 LCM freestyle pace equates to an easy swim. I'm busting my butt to make them on the 1:20. This past week has been a harsh reminder of how much I suck at swimming right now. I regularly get owned by ~14 year old boys and girls.

It hasn't been all bad, I've shared some laughs with some fellow swimmers and I can tell the younger swimmers appreciate swimming along with college (and older) swimmers with some experience... somehow they feel I fall into that category, probably by default. I can tell I'm improving, but each day is rough. I've taken AT LEAST one nap per day. It's rough making it through a full business day and night without crashing at some point.

I had a chance to sit down with Coach Peter Linn on Monday and discuss training. More on that soon.

Session Weight Information
Pre-Practice Weight: 178.8 lbs
Post-Practice Weight: 177.1 lbs