Posted by Kevin Doak on Monday at: 11:39pm (March 9th, 2009)
I had a solid 4,300+ yard practice which overlapped with EMU's practice by about half an hour. At the end of my practice I decided to do 3x100's descend. Meaning, #1 was moderate, #2 was fast, and #3 was ALL OUT. I got done with the first and second one and noticed Head Coach Peter Linn was timing a swimmer a few lanes down from me. I asked him if he could get a time for a 100 back. He politely agreed

Last week I pushed a 100 backstroke in 52.2 and was ecstatic! It was my fastest practice time ever. That was done wearing a drag suit and at the end of practice just like today. I made sure I pushed off at the :00 just in case Coach Linn got distracted with a real swimmer, I could still get a ballpark time for myself. I pushed off with some great underwater kicks, a few strong strokes and a relaxed but quick turn at the 25. Kicked 13 meters, surfaced and started to rev it up. Turned quicker at the 50 and kicked 11 meters. I surfaced and knew I was swimming well, I flipped slower than I wanted to at the 75 yard mark and kicked 10 meters. I brought it home strong but not turning it over too quick, just catching a lot of water...

I touched, looked up, and saw the :51 pass. Looked over at coach and with a smile he said: "50.3", I had to have him repeat it just in case... "fifty point three". I had the biggest goofy smile on my face while warming down. I had never gone that fast in practice... not even close to that. Like I said, in one week I went from 52.2 to a 50.3. It just blows my mind how fast that is for me. It's not fast in the big scheme of things. But that's whats so great about swimming, it's just me and the clock.

Lets take a moment to reflect on how fast that is for me...



Thanks for sharing that moment with me. I really wish I had this practice on video. I couldn't help but tell some of my other swimmer friends after practice on deck. Thanks to Derick, Summer and Sarah for sharing in my personal joy. It was a great practice!

50.3 from a push... unreal (for me)