Michigan Masters State Meet (Day 1)


Michigan Masters State Meet (Day 1)

Posted by Kevin Doak on Saturday at: 10:17pm (March 28th, 2009)
Overall I had a good first day of the Michigan Masters State Meet.

200 Backstroke SCY: (1:55.05)
It began a little rough. My first event was a 200 Backstroke. Not a great way to start the morning at 9am after getting up at 6am to drive to Lake Orion. I was a little shakey and felt a little out of it. I dove in and knew it was gonna be ugly. I was relaxed on the first 100, but as I flipped at the 100 yard wall, I could feel how exhausted I was already, it felt like I had just gone ALL OUT for that first 100 and I had nothing left. The last 100 was sad, I was done, there was nothing left. I tried as hard as I could but just couldn't finish strong. I finished in a 1:55.05, a full second and a half slower than last year at this time. This was over 5 seconds slower than I was in college. I was disapointed in myself but was glad to have it over with. I have a lot of training to do to break 1:50. Again, I really felt like I needed a single race to clean out the cobwebs and afterward I felt ready to race. I wish it wasn't that way, but it's looking like I need to use my first race as a warmup.

50 Fly SCY:(22.49)
My second event came only 15 minutes after my grueling 200 Backstroke. I was out of breath getting up on the blocks. I was up against an entire pool of fast butterfliers, the swimmers closest to me were Alec Mull and Patrick Saucedo, both 22-23 second 50 Flyers. I knew it would be a good race. Unfortunately I was sort of out of it, I didn't warm down enough after the 200 back and I was dizzy at the blocks. I also swam the race without thinking, I breathed about 5 times and had a bad breakout. I still managed a lifetime best time of 22:49, besting my previous best by 0.09 seconds! I was touched out by Patrick Saucedo at the finish, he had a great 2nd 25 yards and swam a 22.40! Great job to everybody!

200 Free Relay:(1:22.47)
A few swimmers in my age group put together a very fast relay. It was Adam Schmitt, Alec Mull, Myself and Patrick Saucedo. We were going after the national record in the 18+ category set in 2001 by Auburn Masters with a team of:Oswaldo Quevedo, Romain Barnier, Richard Hughey and Lionel Moreau. The record was 1:23.04. We had a GREAT relay with Adam Schmitt lead it off with a 20.44, Alec Mull with a 21.0, me with a 20.43 and Patrick Saucedo with a 20.56! We touched in a 1:22.47 to break the national record! It was a lot of fun and great swimming by everybody! The 20.43 was the fastest relay split I've ever swam!

50 Backstroke:(23.05)
I had a 1.5 hour break before I got back in and warmed up for the 50 back. I felt ok, just a little out of it because of the nap. I had a decent race, my underwaters and my turn could have been a little better and my finish was sloppy. I touched in a disapointing 23.05. I had really wanted to break into the 22's. I will have another shot at this race tomorrow afternoon leading of the Men's 200 Medley Relay.

Thank you to all my competitors! It was a great first day!