Goal Progress


Goal Progress

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 5:46am (March 17th, 2009)
I'm excited to have achieved a Lifetime Best in my 100 Backstroke SCM. It gets me even closer to my October 5th 2009 Goal of a Lifetime Best time in all 23 events. This latest swim makes the count: 10 out of 23!

I only have two more swims within the SCM course. I need to break 25.15 in the 50 Backstroke and break 51.75 in the 100 Freestyle. Both, very achieveable goals before October.

Again, I'm ignoring the LCM course right now because there aren't any meets available till the summer. I plan on training for the Masters Long Course Nationals at IUPUI in early August 2009

I have 5 more events to achieve my lifetime bests in. This is tough, but based on my swims this weekend, my 100 back converts into a 49.51, which is exactly one second away from my best of 48.51. I think with rest, a shave and taper I can drop a second. My 50 Back is very challenging, I need to beat 22.22. My time from this weekend converts into a 22.59. Close enough to get excited about! I really want a 21 second swim in this, I would be very proud of that performance! My 200 Back will be rough. I don't train for the 200 back so besting a 1:50.09 will be a stretch. My best time last year was a 1:53, which is lightyears away from a 1:50. I still think I can do it with a good taper. My 50 Free will be tough because I will be doubling out of the 100 Back 10 minutes prior. I need to beat a 20.95. I think it's in reach because I swam a 20.98 in December. The last swim on the list is a 50 Breast. I know I can beat 30 seconds, I just need to find a meet to do it at, I didn't register for it at the state meet. Perhaps I can time trial it at the state meet. These are some lofty goals, I'll need to have a perfect meet to achieve them all.

I know I can do this.