Awesome Birthday Meet!


Awesome Birthday Meet!

Posted by Kevin Doak on Monday at: 12:57am (February 9th, 2009)
I had a fantastic meet! I achieved lifetime best times in 3 out of 4 events!

100 Back:
I used this event as a warmup, It was still a decent swim at 56.43 SCM which converts to a 50.56 SCY. A solid swim for my first performance. This was the fastest 100 Backstroke I've ever swam on my Bday.

50 Free:
This was the swim I was most proud of today. I had a near flawless race touching the wall at a Lifetime Best Time of 23.30, besting my SHAVED time of 23.31 in December 2007 at the Chicago Grand Prix. I was really excited to get a Lifetime Best Time in this event considering I didn't rest, shave or taper for this meet. As you can see, it was only 0.01 seconds under my personal best... IT STILL COUNTS! This converts to a 20.87 SCY, most likely the fastest I've ever swam the event yards or meters!

200 Back:
I dispise this event, but with a personal best of 2:21 I knew I could tag a Lifetime Best easily. I went a 2:11.43. I coasted this event, converts to a 1:57-1:58. I'm ok with it, but definitely not a groundbreaking time. It was still a Lifetime Best Time.

100 Fly:
I was sort of run down by this time, just needed more sleep and a breakfast to get me through, I cruised to a 58.33. Unfortunately I biffed two of the turns and cost myself time, I was really hoping for a 57.xx but I'll take the Lifetime Best Time!

Thank you very much to Barb, David, Derik, Bev, and Dave for coming to support me, I appreciate your time and cheering! Videos are being encoded and will be posted later.