Brighton Masters Meet


Brighton Masters Meet

Posted by Kevin Doak on Friday at: 5:50am (February 6th, 2009)
Today I swam 4,700 yards all alone and it was a great workout! I chose to do my 16x25's that I've added to my EVERY SINGLE DAY routine directly after my warmup. I found it prepared me for some great underwaters for the rest of practice.

I decided to swim in the Brighton Masters Meet this weekend because it's both on my birthday and it's in my home town. I really enjoy racing on my birthday for some reason. I've swam a 100 Backstroke for the last 4 years on the bday. I'm still working on my event list, here it is so far:

100 Back
50 Free
200 Back
100 Fly

I'd rather do the 50 Fly than the 100 Back but the 100 Back is a tradition. I'll just go all out in the 100 Fly and get a time for my 50 split and try to I'm not going to rest at all for the meet because I'm focused on the State Meet at the end of March. This is just a fun local meet on short notice. I plan on swimming, lifting and dryland tomorrow. Meet Competition starts at 10am on Sunday!