3K / Dryland / Weights and the Phelps Drama


3K / Dryland / Weights and the Phelps Drama

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 4:57am (February 3rd, 2009)
It was just one of those days, I barely squeaked 3 grand in the pool. I've been targeting at least 4k per day but it just wasn't in me today. I made a judgment call and sent myself home after a good 1 hour workout. Throughout the rest of the day I fit in my EVERY SINGLE DAY workouts plus some extras.

Since I've been asked so many times today about the Phelps drama I figured I would touch on it. For those who hadn't heard, there was a photo released of Michael Phelps apparently posing, or using drug paraphernalia.

Many voices are acting like this is the first time a professional athlete has done something that kids shouldn't look up to. I feel it's regrettable that so many children look up to him and his great success in the pool only to see him be caught with drugs. Phelps has become like many other ultra successful people in the world. He never asked to be a LIFE role model, he just happens to be a fantastic SWIMMING role model. I totally disconnect my view of him as a person and my respect for him as an athlete. Unfortunately it's probably not that cut and dry for a 10 year old swimmer.

Phelps is still among the best swimmers in the world, I personally don't care what he does in his free time. I wish he was a better role model for young swimmers, but it's turning out that isn't the case by traditional standards. It's up to the parents to teach their children the difference between right and wrong, don't leave it up to pro athletes. Phelps has joined the ranks of the millionaire singers, performers and sports hero's. They're good at what they do: entertain us and achieve greatness on the field, court or pool. Phelps will spend his free time how he wants. I will respect his achievements and ignore his continued antics. That certainly doesn't mean I won't hope for the best though!