Run Down but Practicing Great!


Run Down but Practicing Great!

Posted by Kevin Doak on Friday at: 5:17am (February 20th, 2009)
I've been pounding out 4,000+ yards a day with weights or dryland and I'm feeling the effects of the training. It's wearing on me but I feel better each day. I've had a new found interest in improving my starts and turns lately. I've (finally) started tucking more on my turns and with the help of my friend Sarah, I've concluded that they are indeed faster than the old method. It's tough to change something as routine as my flipturn after doing it a certain way my entire life. My daily underwater training is paying off, I feel stronger and more comfortable each day. I'm also improving my hand/forearm position, more on that later.

My starts need a lot of work compared to fast swimmers. I had a chance to watch some starts by Cesar Cielo, the current American Record holder in the 50 free SCY (18.47). I'm making some changes in preparation for the state meet.


While training at EMU today I ran into an Olympic Trial athlete named Ashley. I remember seeing her at Trials this past summer, she trains with Club Wolverine. It reminded me that the Big 10 Womens Championship is this weekend at U of M. I'm going to try and attend at some point, I've never watched a Big 10 Meet of any sort, should be interesting.