Great Training Day and Planning the State Meet


Great Training Day and Planning the State Meet

Posted by Kevin Doak on Wednesday at: 5:39am (February 11th, 2009)
I took Monday off to reward myself for such an awesome race on Sunday. I was back in the pool today and created a well rounded practice that fit into 1.5 hours.

500 Warmup Choice
10 Backstroke Starts (with a nice Daktronics pad)
10 Freestyle Starts
16x25's with 15m fast underwater
500 free/back (50 fast 50 easy)
5x100's pull no equip
400 Free/back
4x100's Back fast on 1:30
300 Free/back
3x100's Free fast on 1:30
200 Free/back 50's
2x100's kick on back on 1:30
4 x (30 sec vertical kicking + 30 sec rest)
200 Easy

Somewhere around 4,000+ yards. I decided to hold off on weights and dryland till tomorrow. I did however do my entire "EVERY SINGLE DAY" workout routine.

I've been reflecting on my 50 free from this weekend. It was a fantastic time for me considering the following:
  1. Brighton's pool isn't known to be especially fast
  2. I did not rest at all for this meet, therefore tired and sore
  3. I had just done the 100 back shortly before this race
  4. My best time before this was done while shaved and tapered
I was really quite proud of my time, a 23.30 converts into a 20.87. This is the fastest time I've ever swam the 50 free without a tech suit. I swam a 23.67 Long Course Meters this summer but I was wearing a full body Speedo LZR. I consider my times without a tech suit as more accurate representation of my true speed.

The Michigan Masters State Meet is quickly approaching and I need to decide what to swim. I have plenty of options. It's a tough choice to balance which races would be fun and which ones I need to fulfill my goal of 23 Lifetime Best Times before October 5th 2009. Unfortunately these races conflict quite a bit. Lets go over them shall we?

100 Free - This will be a great race, I would LOVE to swim it, but I already have a LTB
200 Back - I need to beat a 1:50.09 to get a LTB before 10-5-09
50 Fly - Gonna be a great race, but I have a LTB, I still want to swim it
400 IM

200 Fly
50 Back - (CONFIRMED)I need this race, I have to beat 22.22 before 10-5-09
100 Breast
500 Free

200 Free
100 Fly - This is gonna be a good one, I want to swim it
50 Breast - I need to beat a 30.69 before 10-5-09, but I can find another meet to do that
200 IM

200 Breast
100 Back - I need to beat a 48.51 before 10-5-09
50 Free - ALWAYS a great race, I might swim it tired just to swim it
100 IM
1000 Free

I have some tough choices. I have some time to decide though.