Milan Results


Milan Results

Posted by Kevin Doak on Monday at: 2:10pm (October 12th, 2009)
Shortly after arriving at the Milan High School, they informed us that the timing system was down but they would be hand timing everybody. I was disappointed but I had already come all that way to swim and wasn't about to leave. Apparently the people who pre-registered knew about the timing issue which was the reason for the drastically low attendance at 37 swimmers! Since there's always an element of human error to manual timing, combined with High School girls text messaging while timing, I wouldn't take the times seriously. It ended up being a mediocre meet for me. I actually felt pretty good in my races, but my times were fairly slow. As I got out of the water each time, I would look at the timing sheet where the girls were writing down the times. My 100 IM for example was listed as:


Granted I'm not in shape and wouldn't really take to heart any slow time, I felt like a 1 second gap in times was fairly large. Each event turned out like this. I actually had a 21.9 AND a 24.7 in my 50 Backstroke. A 21.9 represents my lifetime best EVER by 3 tenths, and a 24.7 would make me want to do physical harm to myself.

They ended up averaging out the 3 times for the official one. Here are my averaged swims:

100 IM: 53.50
50 Fly: 23.50
50 Free: 22.00
50 Back: 24.0
100 Back: 56.20

You'll notice that 100 Backstroke is a tad (~6+ seconds) slow. At that point in the meet the times seemed useless and I decided it was a glorified practice for me anyway. I decided to try and go 15 meters off each wall, something I've never accomplished. The result was a very slow time, but the pride in knowing I actually swam the race like a pro... a very slow pro.

Videos coming soon