Rough Week


Rough Week

Posted by Kevin Doak on Friday at: 11:19pm (January 9th, 2009)
After taking 3 weeks off, this week has been utterly exhausting with what I would consider short workouts. The combination of weights, dryland and an hour in the pool each day has left me sore and tired. I've only been swimming 3,000-4,000 yard workouts and it's wiped me out. Interesting how quickly I lost my endurance. My weight has stayed stable at 175, today I hit what might be my first 176 day. My weight doesn't alarm me, I think I'm probably still a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index). I still don't eat enough but I'm making progress. I can't help but consider the fact that I'm getting older and gaining weight. I'm always conscious of the situation and I workout daily and eat as healthy as possible.

Today I only swam 2,200 yards. I wasn't limited on time but felt it was best to give my body a day to recover before the meet. Tomorrow I'll do about the same. I treated today as "Active Recovery" and took it easy.

This weekend will probably be a little ugly in the pool. I've beat myself up a little this week and haven't really recovered. My muscles are sore, usually not a great way to start a meet. This weekend is sort of exciting because I have a chance for some good competition in a few events. Weeks ago I was contacted by Alec Mull, a great 50/100/200 Fly and 50/100/200 Free swimmer who went to MSU (Michigan State) in the 90's. He mentioned he was planning on swimming on Sunday at EMU. He's a source of some great friendly competition. I really appreciate racing against him in these local meets. We've had quite a few good finishes and we always discuss our races afterward. I approach my swimming on a very individual basis like so many other Masters swimmers, I'm only looking to improve my own times. I do admit though, it makes it even more fun to race somebody of equal speed and make it interesting! I hope I see Alec at the meet.

There's also a chance to see Patrick Saucedo, a recent MSU grad who has begun in Masters as well. He's a really quick butterflier, I hope he makes it as well. As I write this I'm impressed with how many alumni from MSU still swim, I wish EMU alumni were as active later in life.

I chose one event this weekend exclusively to race Alec or Patrick, the 100 Fly. It's a new event for me, I think I've only swam it 4 times in my entire life. It's never very impressive, but I'm starting to enjoy a new event. I gave up swimming the silly 50 Breast to swim the 100 Fly in the same time frame. I know I'm not likely to get a lifetime best in the event but if these other swimmers decide to enter as well it could be a good show!