3 Days of Good Training and Meet Outlook


3 Days of Good Training and Meet Outlook

Posted by Kevin Doak on Friday at: 1:27am (January 9th, 2009)
I've had a few really good days of training this week, Tuesday was 4,200 yards, Wednesday was 3,000 yards and dryland. Today was 3,000 yards and lots of butterfly. This weekend I have a meet at EMU on Sunday morning. I knew when I committed to swim it a month ago that it wouldn't be a great performance due to the holiday and less swimming. I think meets like this are important to keep my focus on improving. Chances are, I will swim some slower times than usual due to 3 full weeks off. It disappoints me that I let my training slip, but everybody needs a little break here and there. My break represents the longest time off in about 2 years. Before this hyatus, the longest break I've taken was 3 days.

The meet this weekend is at EMU, it is a Short Course Yards meet (25 yards). As I write this, I'm still undecided as to what I want to swim. I'm going to write my feelings about each event and make my decision by the end of this post:

50 Breast: I really want to tag a lifetime best in this event, I know I can swim it faster than I did 2 years ago. I went a 30.69 at the 2005 state meet. I want to clear it off my list of things to do but do I really want to waste a swim at EMU on such an easy personal best? (UNSURE)

100 Fly: I had a great swim a month ago at an EMU time trial dropping 2 seconds to 49.93. I want to swim it again to improve but my 3 weeks off haven't helped that situation. I would only swim it to see how I did without a taper. (UNSURE)

50 Free: This is a no brainer, I'm 0.03 seconds away from a lifetime best time. I'm goin for it! (PASS)

100 IM: I already got a lifetime best two months ago, although I know I would have a faster time in this pool, I have other events to swim to achieve my goal. (FAIL)

100 Free: I haven't swam this since the state meet. I think I can get a lifetime best time in this event if I drop 1 second. (PASS)

50 Back: I don't see a lifetime best time happening during this meet, but I love swimming the 50, and I'd like to drop a tenth to snatch the masters national record again :) (PASS)

50 Fly: I've been swimming fly well lately, I split a 22.58 on the front half of my 100 Fly a month ago, how much faster can I swim it? (UNSURE)

100 Back: It's not gonna be pretty, but I want to see what I can do. (PASS)

Overall, my decisions were made using a few variables:

1. Great facility, want to put my best foot forward and get some good times.
2. Swim events I'm likely to have some friendly competition in. (Alec Mull, Patrick Saucedo)
3. Swim events I can tag some lifetime best times.

Final list of events:

100 Fly
50 Free (aiming at best time)
100 Free (aiming at best time)
50 Back
100 Back

Instead of swimming the 50 Fly, I will just take out the 100 as fast as I possibly can and see what happens!