Summer Suits


Summer Suits

Posted by Kevin Doak on Saturday at: 6:07pm (January 10th, 2009)
I remember seeing some unique suits on a few swimmers on deck at Eastern a few months ago. Over the years I've gotten used to the type of patterns Speedo or TYR produce on suits. These were like nothing I've ever seen. The patterns were abstract without being fruity like some kids suits look. Obviously I noticed them but brushed it off as something new from one of the big manufacturers. Months later, I saw a diver "Summer" who trains at EMU with a suit layout I'd never seen before, I mentioned it to somebody standing next to me, they mentioned Summer sewed her own suits and made a business out of it. I was impressed! It seems like a lost art form for people to sew their own clothing, let alone their own swim suits! After that day I took another look around the deck, I started seeing more and more suits that I was sure didn't come from Speedo or TYR.

When I first met Summer a few months ago I spoke with her about her training and found a few parallels in our situations. She happens to be a 28 year old Olympic Trial Diving Finalist in 2004 and 2008. She was also a two time NCAA All American in Diving as well as a BIG 12 three-Meter Champion. She trains with the EMU diving coach Buck Smith while running her business.

After checking out her website: I was impressed with it's simple yet functional layout as well as her flexibility of using any type of fabric pattern. I haven't ordered anything, but know plenty of people who have. I'm all about supporting local business so I will order a suit and report back! It looks like the online ordering only supports womens suits for now, but the homepage says she's added mens suits as well, which I've seen some guys wearing already.

I just thought it was interesting an wanted to share how a fellow athlete was supporting herself while pursuing her dreams on the diving board. Good Luck in 2012 Summer!