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Cool Start Picture

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 6:20pm (February 9th, 2010)
I like this one! More to come!

Brighton Meet Results

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 12:49am (February 9th, 2010)
It was a rough week training to say the least. Work consumed all waking hours which left little time for exercise or anything else for that matter, including sleep. I missed two days in the pool and three days of P90X.

So Busy

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 9:30pm (February 2nd, 2010)
I've been keeping up with Swimming and P90X, working 16 hours a day, just no time left to blog. I'm noticing improvements across the board though! More updates soon (I hope!)

You Have to MAKE Time

Posted by Kevin Doak on Thursday at: 7:45am (January 28th, 2010)
Anybody who works for a living understands how hard it is to exercise. Most of us work 8+ hours a day and by the time we're done, all we feel like doing is relaxing. The last few months of my life has been just that... 14+ hours of work a day and I REALLY don't feel like working out when I'm finally done.

4,000 yards + Yoga

Posted by Kevin Doak on Wednesday at: 7:28am (January 27th, 2010)
It's been a great workout day. I've been increasingly consistent with my workouts, swimming 5+ days a week and doing P90X 6 days a week. I'm short on sleep but getting lots of work and training in each day. I read an interesting article today regarding the importance of sleep.

The article was written by Michael Gervais, Ph.D. Although it wasn't groundbreaking in any way, it was yet another reminder about how important sleep is to ANY activity you want to excel in. Whether it be work, family or athletic performance:

Slow on the updates

Posted by Kevin Doak on Sunday at: 6:59am (January 24th, 2010)
It's been tough to fit in training lately but I've made time. I've been keeping up with P90X and swimming each day. Today I swam with a few EMU guys before the EMU vs Ball State meet. It was alumni day so it was nice to catch up with some old Eastern people.

I really want to go to the Masters meet in Harper Creek but I'm slammed busy and physically run down. I'll skip this one and make it to the Brighton SCM meet in another two weeks.

Heck of a Training Day

Posted by Kevin Doak on Thursday at: 10:18am (January 21st, 2010)
I skipped the P90X on Tuesday and decided to do two sessions today, on top of swimming. I did Chest, Back and Abs this morning, swam 3,000 yards in the evening and then did Plyometrics after swimming. It was a slam packed day when work is figured into that equation.

Party's Over! No More Tech Suits!

Posted by Kevin Doak on Wednesday at: 6:58pm (January 20th, 2010)
I woke up to the most exciting email in recent memory. An official announcement by the United States Masters Swimming association. In short, Tech Suits are banned immediatey for Short Course Meters and Long Course Meters competitions. Tech Suits are banned from Short Course Yards meets beginning 6-1-10! Here is the release:

The Night Off!

Posted by Kevin Doak on Tuesday at: 4:17am (January 19th, 2010)
I've been hitting the training pretty hard while balancing a full work schedule. I happily welcome a night off tonight! Last night I did Kempo and Abs. Today I chose not to swim since I know I'll swim the entire week ahead of me. I feel so lazy doing nothing athletic today!

I despise leg workouts

Posted by Kevin Doak on Monday at: 2:24am (January 18th, 2010)
Sad but true. I really hate working my legs. Squats, lunges, and wall sits are just the worst. I suffered through the workout and really hope I misplace the entire DVD sometime in the future. Later today I'll do Kempo (kickboxing) and be close to finishing week 2! I'm feeling strong and ready for week 3! I took today off of swimming for the simple reason that I would have to spend over an hour in a car to swim somewhere. I decided to use today as my day off of the pool.