100 Backstroke

Date: May 18, 2008
Meet: 2008 Santa Clara International Invitational
Start Type: Flat Start
Suit: Speedo LZR Full Body
Description: Prelims

Time: 58.40

Notes: My second swim with a full body Speedo LZR. I remember the feeling of opening the heat sheet and seeing my name in the same heat as Michael Phelps. Regardless of what you think of him as a person, he's an incredible swimmer, and it was an amazing feeling to know I was approaching the same level as swimmers in his class. I remember saying "I know how this is going to end". The actual race went ok. I took it out pretty well, I was actually in the lead for the first 50 Meters. I was ahead of everybody in the pool, including Phelps. I remember flipping at the 50 and realizing that I was leading the heat! That, in itself, might have been what ruined my race. I died on the last 25 and struggled to reach the wall. It was still a decent race though.